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  Welcome to our Comprehensive Medical School Interview Course and a MMI Mock! 

Are you a medical school applicant looking to improve your interview skills and increase your chances of acceptance? Look no further! Our comprehensive course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and confidence needed to excel in your medical school interviews. 
Are you aspiring to become a doctor? Don't miss the opportunity to ace your medical school interview and secure your spot in one of the most prestigious institutions in the U.K 
At our medical school interview preparation program, we offer comprehensive training and guidance to help you stand out from the competition. Our team of experienced medical professionals and interview coaches will equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel during your interview. 
Here's what you can expect from our program: 
Comprehensive Medical Interview Course: 
We train you in the folowing areas for MMI 
Motivation for Medicine 
Work Experience 
Voluntary Work 
Leadership/Management/Team work 
Communication Skills - Direct & Role Play 
NHS Structure 
NHS Hot Topics 
Medical Ethics 
Data interpretation & Calculation 
Achievements & Set backs 
Stress management 
Current Medical Knowledge: 
Stay up-to-date with the latest medical advancements and healthcare policies. Our program includes sessions dedicated to reviewing current medical topics, ensuring you're well-prepared to discuss relevant issues during your interview. 
Behavioral and Ethical Scenario Training: 
Medical school interviews often include questions that assess your ethical decision-making and behavioral responses. Our program will provide you with the tools to navigate these scenarios effectively, demonstrating your critical thinking skills and ethical judgment.Confidence-Building Strategies: 
Interviews can be nerve-wracking, but we're here to help you overcome any anxiety. Our expert coaches will share proven techniques to boost your confidence, manage stress, and present yourself as a composed and self-assured candidate. 
Mastering Communication Skills: 
Effective communication is crucial in the medical field. In this course, you will enhance your verbal and non-verbal communication skills, including active listening, body language, and empathy. We will also cover strategies for conveying complex medical concepts in a clear and concise manner. 
Handling Ethical and Situational Questions: 
Medical school interviews often include ethical and situational questions to assess your critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Our course will provide you with a framework for approaching these questions, discussing ethical dilemmas, and developing well-reasoned responses. 
Mock Interviews: 
Put your skills to the test with our mock interview sessions. Our experienced interviewers will simulate real-life interview scenarios, providing you with valuable feedback and personalised recommendations for improvement. 
We offer mock MMI stations to familiarise you with the format and evaluate your performance in various scenarios. Our experts will assess your ability to think on your feet, work well under pressure, and demonstrate the core competencies required of a future physician. 
Don't leave your medical school admission to chance. Join our medical school interview preparation program and increase your chances of success. Secure your future in medicine by mastering the interview process. Contact us today to enroll and take the first step towards fulfilling your dreams of becoming a doctor. 
At the completion of our Medical School Interview Course and Mock, you will feel confident, well-prepared, and ready to tackle any interview that comes your way. Join us today and let us help you shine during your medical school interviews! 
The core of learning is to achieve a deep understanding through key learning strategies with continuous support and guidance of the expert educationalists. 
• Student centred Directed self-learning. 
• Interactive Peer Assisted Learning 
• Reflective Learning 
• Traditional factual delivery 
Our approach to student centred learning starts with breaking the teacher-student barrier by encouraging free interaction. This also helps us to understand the student in depth. 
The second step is delivering factual knowledge which often needs a traditional approach of sharing knowledge, skills and resources. 
With this background, the learners are then exposed to a Directed self-learning approach, where students learn experientially through reflective practice with the guidance of the teachers. A directed approach is imperative as students are still young learners and need ample guidance from the teachers. 
Finally, a peer assisted model is introduced where group interaction with the peers is encouraged for collaborative learning. Again, guidance from the teachers will help students understand and construct knowledge based on the observed positive and negative interactions. 
Even though multiple approaches are incorporated, it has been clearly and meticulously designed so that the students are guided by the teachers thorough out this learning journey. 
Mini medical Interviews (MMI) 
MMI is a globally recognised pathway to identify students who are ready to undertake clinical medicine as a career. Excelling in MMI remains mandatory to gain admission to medical schools in UK. Intense exam oriented MMI coaching are readily available in many areas to help students who want to pursue clinical medicine as their career. However, our multimodal approach is aimed to stimulate and enhance intrinsic motivation of the students, so that they participate in the coaching for deep learning and understanding the principles of medicine. If such deep learning happens, students can excel in any exam formats. This remains very essential as high-stake exams like MMI often pose students with varied challenges and we need to empower the students to perform well and excel in uncertain situations. Again, this is possible only by training with expert teachers. Hence, stimulating the intrinsic motivation remains the key area of learning here. 
How learning happens 
The students are equipped with factual knowledge through teaching and resources. 
They are then exposed to a mock interview like session. Students revolve through Multiple stations, scenarios of which cover the 25 core concepts in an integrated manner. This concentrates on key domains: Professionalism which includes communicational skills (verbal and nonverbal), Reasoning and structuring the answer. This is when students are allowed to experience various elements which includes, the organization, their performance, examiner behaviour etc. This gives a concrete experience of actual MMI. 
The next step will an individualised Debrief session: This will be a dialogue session with free interaction between the teachers and the students. Here, the students will be guided to reflect on their experience in the stations and the teachers will collaborate with their feedback. This reflective experience is a very essential step in learning. 
The next phase is building their core knowledge and skills based on abstract conceptualization. Once they understand their strengths and weaknesses, they essentially acquire the necessary knowledge and skills. 
However, Reinforcement is highly essential in young learners to retain the acquired knowledge. This can be done through revisions, reflections, recalls and repetitions. 
25 core concepts under Six main domains: 
1. Attitude and behaviour 
2. Integrity 
3. Dress codes 
4. Confidentiality 
1. Beneficence 
2. Non-maleficence 
3. Justice 
4. Autonomy 
1. Leadership 
2. Stress management 
3. Teamwork 
4. Motivation 
5. Strengths and weakness 
Communication Skills: 
1. Introduction 
2. Setting boundaries 
3. Fluency and clarity of Language 
4. Compassion and Empathy 
5. Sign posting 
Personal Attributes: 
1. Passion for medicine 
2. Work experience 
3. Voluntary work 
4. Work place organisation (NHS/GMC) 
Critical thinking and Reasoning: 
1. Data interpretation And Calculations 
2. Synthesis of Relevant information 
3. Strategies 
Key Learning outcomes 
• Demonstrate a clear and comprehensive understanding of core concepts of this course 
• Demonstrates how to integrate and apply the understanding to formulate plans for various scenarios presented during MMI. 
• Analyse the benefits and limitations of the course to suit individual needs 
Dr Ramesh Thulavavenkateswaran 
Specialist in Palliative Medicine 
Mob: 07366 609247 
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