I attended few of Dr Ramesh’s session via WhatsApp when I was preparing for PACES. I was practicing station 2 and 4. Because on my previous attempt I received low marks and eventually failed because of this. To be honest I think those sessions played a significant roles in passing my exam. I practised few stations and heard others practising with Dr Ramesh which also helped. His feedback in the end was full of information and invaluable for exam preparation. All I can say these sessions helped me in passing my exam. I am grateful to him. 
Dr.F.Zahid MRCP, United Kingdom 
Dr Ramesh sessions are practical and helpful. 
Dr.MD Khan, United KIngdom 
I am glad to share my reviews about Dr Ramesh's session. His session was very helpful. He is a great teacher and an excellent mentor. He is very experienced & passionate about teaching. The best thing is he is working in palliative care in UK and dealing with effective communication to the patients and relatives as well. The most difficult station in PACES exam to get score is station 4 where many candidates get failed.Doing scenarios with him had definitely made me more confident and comfortable for the exam. 
I passed my PACES in first attempt from UK with good score. I am extremely thankful to him for his continuous guidance, motivation and support during my PACES preparation journey. 
I strongly recommend the candidates to join his sessions specifically for station 2 & 4.It will be definitely helpful for those candidates who are outside UK. 
As the name Way 2 PACES says this is The Right Way To PACES! 
Dr Kausar, MRCP, KSA 
I had attended the course of Dr.Ramesh. It had been a really enlightening one. Really helped me grasp the concept of the Communication skill. I am really grateful for the support of Dr.Ramesh. 
Dr Sanayat, MRCP, Bangladesh 
Dr Ramesh's communication sessions were very helpful and informative for station 4 
Dr.Sai Kumar, MRCP, India 
Dr Ramesh is an excellent teacher. I attended few of his sessions and found them very helpful in preparing stations 2 and 4. I will recommend his course to everyone who is preparing for PACES exam. 
Dr.Farah Sheraz, MRCP, United Kingdom 
I found Dr Ramesh as one of the top and the the BEST DOCTOR for Communication Skill. I have to say this specially for Dr Ramesh 
Dr.Hina, MRCP, United Kingdom 
Dr Ramesh's sessions are very informative and good sharing 
Dr.Ashreen, MRCP, Malaysia 
Excellent teaching by Dr.Ramesh. The teaching sessions were very fruitful and very informative in helping me to pass the exam 
Dr Lim Jun Sian, MRCP, Malaysia 
Dr.Ramesh's teaching sessions were very helpful :) 
Dr Tan Xin Yee, MRCP, Malaysia 
Much gratitude and really thankful to Dr. Ramesh. His comprehensive guidance and 1:1 teaching sessions played a significant role in preparation for the exams. The concluding mock sessions also for stations 2, 4 & 5 followed by constructive feedback was most useful in helping me improve and at the same time encouraging. Very accommodating and approachable. Not just a teacher but played the role of a mentor, would definitely recommend. 
Dr P.M, MRCP, United Kingdom 
Dr.Ramesh is a great tutor for Communication Skills Station. My comms skills improved significantly after attending his one to one sessions 
Dr.Teoh, MRCP, Malaysia 
I had several 'one to one' sessions with Dr Ramesh. I can not thank him enough for all the knowledge he provided me in all the stations of PACES. I made and it was of his help.100 % would recommend it to colleagues. 
Dr.N.G, MRCP, United Kingdom 
Dr Ramesh’s teaching sessions were very helpful to pass MRCP PACES exam with great confidence! Thank you Dr.Ramesh for your advice & feedback during those teaching sessions. 
Dr Manjunath Mallanna Gowda, DNB(Respiratory medicine), MRCP(UK), India 
Dr Ramesh is a Very good Mentor for PACES preparation. His 1 to 1 sessions help a lot to boost confidence and correct mistakes. Thank u Dr Ramesh 
Thank you so much Dr.Ramesh for his help.. I attended few of his sessions. He actually made my Station-4 very easy.. He cleared all my confusion regarding Station-4 .. In my last attempt I failed because of 1 mark in communication skills station despite getting 148 marks in total.. So, this time I requested him to take few classes for me.. So he helped me to improve my preparation.. And this time I Passed PACES with a score of 172/172.. I am really grateful for all his guidance.. Thank you so much sir for your help.. Best wishes to you..😊😊 
Dr Naima, MRCP, Bangladesh 
I joined the comprehensive PACES course. Dr.Ramesh is an excellent teacher and I have immensely benefited from the course. I am pleased to mention that I scored 168/172. Thank you so much Dr. Ramesh 
Dr T.B, MRCP, U.K 



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